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147c EIN Verification Letter

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or Federal Employer Identification Number – also known as a Federal Tax ID Number or a FEIN, 
is a number assigned by the IRS used to identify a business entity.


When you need an EIN Verification Letter:

– To Open a Business Bank Account
– To Apply for Business Loans
– To Establish Agreements with Vendors
– To Comply with Government Regulations




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You fill out an easy application with easy to follow instructions, adapted to your business entity.

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Your request is reviewed by a business tax id specialist, then submitted electronically to the I.R.S. for processing.

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You receive your IRS 147C Verification Letter or EIN Number via secure e-mail on your mailbox.


1. Click one of the buttons above to select the type of service you need.

2. Answer a simplified form about yourself and about the business.

3. Select the delivery option for  the EIN.

4. Conclude the transaction and submit your application.

5. A TAX SPECIALIST reviews your request to make sure everything is in order and submits it electronically to the IRS for processing.

6. You receive your EIN / Tax ID Letter via secure email.

If you have any questions or are not certain how to respond the questionnaire, our tax specialists are available to answer all your concerns.


By Using Our Service to Request an
EIN Retrieval or a 147c Verification Letter, You:

. Avoid phone calls to the IRS with average holding time of one hour each call;
(sometimes you need to make multiple calls to provide support documentation)
. Are able to apply online;
. Are able to apply during non business hours;
. Won’t need a fax machine to receive the Letter (the IRS does not send out emails);
or otherwise would have to wait to receive it by regular USPS mail if you don’t have a fax machine.

You can rest easy. e-Tax Filings will do all the legwork for you.

EIN - Open for Business

e-Tax Filings is an Accounting and Tax Services firm that has been helping customers register their EIN / Tax ID numbers since 2014. To date we have helped over 100,000 business entities just like yours with their tax needs.

Our team is comprised of tax id experts that will help you through the ropes of government bureaucracy, so you can focus on running your business.


Since we have helped tens of thousands of businesses obtain their Federal Tax Identification (Employer Identification Number / EIN), we have the expertise and understanding of the IRS system, therefore we will show you the right way so you can avoid mistakes that could cause rejections and delays with your application.

All applications are carefully reviewed by specialists before being submitted for processing with the IRS.

In this website you will find an easy application system that we have developed for small business owners, startups, trusts and non profits. We have translated the IRS complicated language into a format that anyone can understand.

However, if even with the simplified application you still face questions and concerns, don’t worry; our specialists are available by phone or email (M – F – 9am – 7pm ET) and will assist you throughout the entire process.

Secure Application Process – e-Tax is a Level 3 PCI Compliant and values information security above all else. All sensitive information is protected by a bank / military grade AES 256 database encryption. Connection is protected by a 256 Bit SSL advanced encryption technology. This website is Certified Secure by McAFEE against credit card fraud, identity theft, phishing, malware and malicious links. Privacy is verified by TRUST GUARD. e-Tax-Filings does not store any personal financial information. Customers also automatically receive a $100,000 Shopper Identity Protection from TrustedSite.